August 23, 2010

1st Graders

Today was the first day of school. Two 1st graders now! Reema was so excited about school all this month. She was counting down the days until school. When I walked them in today, Reema practically ran to her classroom. Azer, while not as enthused about it, was happy that his best friend was in his class, and that there was no homework today. Yeah, they are very different.

Reema turned 6 two days ago! It is that odd time of the year where both of the kiddos are the same age. It only lasts for about a month, but it's nearly impossible to explain to people that while they are both the same age, they are not actually twins.

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Seth Soria said...

Seth's going into the 1st grade too, he starts tomorrow and isn't too thrilled about it. He is friends with everyone in the class but the actual work is "boring"! We've got a long road ahead!