September 30, 2010

Gaining More Weight!

Tuesday morning, Azer's cough just made me feel worried. Like that fear thing popping up, that it just wasn't getting better. So I called the on-call doctor before their offices opened (it's a sure guarantee of getting a hold of a doctor before 4pm). He said to come on in first thing in the morning. So I go rushing around, dropped Reema off at school, and drove straight to the clinic. As soon as I walk in, the nurse told me she ordered a bed, just in case we need it. As in, uh-hu, you might be admitted to the hospital. I'm thinking, yeah, I was prepared for this.

Well, tada! In another month he gained yet another pound. We have a 49ner. We are almost to 50 pounds. He grew and gained, and the doctor was amazed at how great he looked. Azer sounded wheezy, so they sent him to the PFT lab to get an albuterol treatment. His PFT's were 88%, which is better than the 76% last month.

So, we went home with oral antibiotics for 10 days, and oral steriods for 5 days. The steriods have always worked quickly in the past, on improving his coughing. So far, his cough is still wet, but it seems to be clearing. Azer is really happy to have this G-button right now, because the steroids don't taste good at all, and we are pushing it through his G-tube. He is also very happy with the weight gain, and his extra strength he has now. He can pick up his sister! He looks like a big brother now, I think.

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Lovin Lane said...

How is our Azer doing?? I see he avoided a lock down, happy for that... and super happy he is gaining.... Hope is has been doing great!!! :)