June 11, 2010

Going good so far

So far, we've had no problems with feedings at night. The day after we came home however, the pump kept telling me "No Feed Out" and he missed his feed for that night. I took the pump, and Azer to the hospital the next day and it never gave that error, so the nurse there was thinking maybe there was some sort of blockage in his stomach. She said sometimes medication can block the flow out, or maybe some piece of food. Anyway...

He has had pretty much no pain whatsoever and has been running, jumping, and doing everything he normally does. He sat during another tournament game today and watched his buddies play, but had a great time with them in the dugout. He is even playing catch. It's great to see him back doing what he loves.

I also finished this video yesterday. Let me know what ya'll think.

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