June 1, 2010

GI study done!

Well, Azer just got done with his GI study. He laid down on a table
and had a big x-Ray machine over his stomach area. He then was
supposed to drink
large gulps of the barium. But he couldn't drink enough of it, so
unfortunately he had to have an NG tube put in temporarily. They shot
barium down the tube and into his intestines, stomach and esophogas.
The good news is that he does not have SMA syndrome or any other type
of compression. All the "tubing" is where it's supposed to be. We did
see the reflux however, so that's probably why he has such a hard time
eating. He probably doesn't know what it feels like to not have it.
Azer said the NG tube was really nasty. He was gagging and crying
through the whole time. He says the back of his throat hurts a little.
After they pulled it out, he said he's hungry. I'm going to order food

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