June 1, 2010

G-Tube maybe tomorrow

So, after having multiple conversations with an uncountable number of doctors and surgeons, it looks like Azer will most likely be getting his G-tube tomorrow morning. The last doctor I spoke with said she is able to put the button in, instead of having to put in a 12 inch tube first, and then waiting about a month for the button. If they can do it that way, I'm sure Azer will be pretty happy. Regardless, I think Azer is getting better about talking about the G-tube. The Child Life specialist came over again today to talk a little more with Azer. I think since I've been more relaxed talking about the G-tube has helped him relax more about it as well.

Soo ... send prayers and good thoughts our way. I'll write a post as soon as something else happens.

Addition: The actual surgeon walked in a few minutes ago ... here are the details. They will made a hole in his belly button where they will insert a laparoscopic camera. They will made an incision in his side where they will pull the stomach up to the surface, and they will inflate his abdomen with gas so they can see. If everything goes ok, they will put the Mickey button in. If things don't go right, they will make a larger incision and insert the 12 inch tube.

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