March 16, 2010

CF Clinic

Well, since we've been doing so many milkshakes a day, I was expecting to see a whole bunch of weight gain. He is 44 lbs, which is the same weight he was when he was discharged from the hospital last month. They are not sure exactly why he didn't gain anything, but the dietitian believes he may need an increase in enzymes, which we will do. The good news is he didn't loose any weight, and he is now about 50th percentile in weight, which is amazing. He has never been at that line before, so I guess we are doing something right!

Some great news ... he got a 98% FEV1 on his Pulmonary function test! That is the best he has ever gotten.

Azer has had a dry cough here and there lately. The respiratory therapist felt it might be from some post nasal drip going down his throat that might be causing some coughing. The doctor prescribed Augmentin for a couple weeks to see if that helps Azer's nose. They also sent us home with something called a NeilMed Sinus Rinse. They said to try it once or twice a day and see if it helps Azer and his sinuses.

We tried it when we got home. It was kind of interesting. I boiled some water (and let it cool) and then I put a salt packet into the bottle with the water, and then had him lean over the sink and squeezed the bottle. The water just went out the other nostril. We got some gunk out, and he said he felt clearer. I think we need to be more coordinated about it, because snot and water were blowing everywhere. Real lovely. But I don't think you want to see a picture of that.

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Katey said...

Glad Azer had a good appointment! The weight will come on eventually. I know a month seems like a long time, but it takes us Cfers longer to gain weight than the normal person (it can be several weeks just to see 1 pound). And the enzymes could definitely be affecting that.

I know the Sinus rinse thing is a little weird/interesting, but it really provides amazing benefits (even with the water just coming out the other It works wonders for me and MANY MANY other I highly recommend keeping that up!!!