March 27, 2010

Mr. Baseball Jr.

Azer had his first actual game today. He was playing first baseman, and was tagging runners out, one right after another. He did so well, that the coach actually moved him to a different spot during the last inning, so the other team's kids could actually play!

So, today he was walking around like he was a big shot. We all know he is, but let's not blow him up to big now.
Well, I am not sure if he is gaining or not. I weighed him yesterday and today, and the scale said 43 lbs. I try to weigh him first thing in the morning after he uses the bathroom. He is still enjoying the Scandishakes. I've been leaning on them more instead of pushing him to eat a few more bites, as I figure he's taking in way more calories with the shakes, than in a few bites of food.
I keep trying to fool myself and say, well maybe he'll gain enough weight so we might not need the G-tube. The fact is, I have a feeling that it's just around the corner. And I don't know if I should just say, Yes, let's go ahead and do this, or if I should wait until it is actually medically necessary. Other parents and people say to me, "Well, he looks fine to me." And yes, he does look fine. His weight is "fine" at this point. I just want to be assured that I can keep his weight as high as possible, no matter what. I want his weight to be the best it can be, instead of just ok.

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Lovin Lane said...

YAY.. dont you just love those games... Glad he had such a good one....