October 27, 2005

Doc Visit after a cold

We went to the pediatrician last week to do the evil deeds to my children - vaccinations. Azer seems to have more fear of the shots. I think its from getting IV's. Anyway, both of them ended up picking up colds that day. Reema had sniffles for one day. But Azer had really bad sniffles for about 3 days and then he ended up getting a wet cough. So, he's on antibiotics now.

For the first time, he actually shook hands with the doctor and even waved bye-bye. He's never done that to a person in a white coat before. I guess he's got to become friends with them sometime!

And guess what else ... I've been so busy I didn't have time to post this. We had a swallow study done about two weeks ago, and they found he was aspirating liquids, so now they want us to make all his liquids thick. The speech therapist gave me a can of some stuff called Thicken-up ... so GROSS! I mixed it up with water and it turned into a lumpy glass of cream of wheat... yuckiness. Poor Azer already has issues with textured things, and now all his liquid was textured? He wasn't going to go along with it so we ordered some other brand of thick stuff. It doesn't make it lumpy ... but now his liquids are like jello. I think it still looks pretty gross. I can't believe we didn't know this before.

despite all of this, he's a pretty happy little guy.

***This is a fair warning. The following is a very disgusting story of what happened to me a couple days ago. Do not read if you are easily grossed out.***

This is what happens when a child with CF wearing a diaper does not absorb fat.

We were about ready to leave the Children's Hospital. Azer was apparently having a BM. So, I pick him off of the stroller to change his diaper. I notice there is BM on the seat of the stroller. And I do not mean a smudge. I mean ... like a handful. I carry him down the hallway holding him as far from my body as possible, pleading with someone to help me. If there is anyone reading this that was there that day, I apologize for you having seen that much poop stuck to the back of a child. A very very nice nurse assistant opened up an examining room for me. I will spare you the details, but it took a full container of baby wipes to clean the BM that had worked its way up Azer's back and down his legs. The nice nurse assistant came back with a gown for him to wear since his clothes were way beyond cleaning. She looked happy ... perhaps happy that she wasn't the one in this situation. I cleaned the stroller has best I could, but Azer had to walk until we got to the car. May God bless that nurse assistant.

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Lauren said...

Hang in there! Some CF related stuff is just plain nasty, but that's just part of the deal. As time goes by you'll learn what works and what doesn't. It can be frustrating, but let me tell you, it SUCH A RELIEF AND JOY when you hit on something that works.

You're doing a great job! Keep it up. Best wishes to you.