August 23, 2005

Azer came home!!!

Yes, the great news has arrived, Azer is home. His cough was getting much better, so they didn't need to put in the PICC line. They sent him home with some oral antibiotics. I know what we're going to do tomorrow, go to the park, and try to spend as little time indoors as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am a young CF patient, and I was google-ing CF and PICC LINES, and I found you. Right now i have picc line and will probably have it for the next few weeks. My mother uses CF parents on yahoo, and gets lots of info and ways to help me, and all really work. So i thought you might want to use that.

Lydia Russell said...

Yes, I am subscribed to Yahoo! CF Parents. It is very helpful to see all of those parents and the helpful suggestions they have. I used to be subscribed to an MSN CF board, but it wasn't as helpful as the Yahoo! one.