February 10, 2020


After last clinic visit, Azer felt like his lungs were gradually feeling worse. He missed two doses of his Dupixant shot before insurance finally approved it. He feels it has taken a while for it to build up in his body. Last week, he feels like he caught a virus a school. His legs hurt, he had an off and on fever, he was exhausted, and he said his lungs felt really irritated. He said he had to breath shallow in classes because otherwise he would have a bad coughing attack. He would have coughing attacks so bad he was doubled over, having difficulty taking a breath in. He was doing Albuterol way too often just to stop coughing. He was waking up with his ribs and scaps aching. His mucus has also been brown. 

We called the on call doctor yesterday who urged him to come to the ER for an admission since he was doing Albuterol so often. He decided to wait for clinic today. He had difficulty trying to complete his PFT without coughing. He was lower than his clinic visit and has also lost 4 lbs. The doctor believes that the Trikafta is not to blame for his decline, but that it is just a bad combination of viruses. They did a virus swab and CF culture today. Azer had the option of going home on oral antibiotics for a few days to see if it works, but he decided he has been too miserable to wait and see. He says he feels like he's had a fever off and on for two weeks now. He started getting a fever again at the end of clinic. 

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