December 22, 2019

Week 2 of Trikafta

Day 8-9 he has had bloating so bad, that he can't run without pain. Still having constant coughing. He wakes up with burning lungs. He slept with a wedge pillow and didn't wake up coughing or with burning lungs. Hypertonic saline has been making him cough a lot more.

Day 10 he has had a fever off and on at school. It was difficult for him to finish his finals today. The doctor prescribed Flagyl three times a day to see if it helps the bloating. They suspect his constant coughing is from nasal drainage, since cough drops help. 

Day 11 The flagyl might be helping. This morning, he had a lot of bloating and fullness, but this afternoon he ate lunch and said the bloating feeling was gone. He isn't coughing quite as often. He says stopping the hyper-sal has helped a lot. He wants to continue taking one less enzyme per meal, until his digestion gets more consistent. He has ended up losing 7 lbs so far, which is a bit discouraging.

Day 12 His stomach has still been bloating, but not as bad as before. He is still feeling full after eating only a little. He made it through his last day of school. It was early release, and he slept most of the afternoon. His cough sounded much more wet and congested, but his lungs sounded very clear, with no wheezing sounds. 

Day 13 he has slept quite a bit during the day, and has had a mild fever off and on. He has coughed up some brown mucus. He has been drinking Rehydrate and water continuously, and still feels dehydrated. His lips have been dry and cracked. 

Day 14 He slept for hours during the day, but says he can feel himself breathing deeper, that it's easier falling asleep, and that he feels that the Albuterol is more effective than it's ever been. His nose has been bleeding and dry. He said before, it's always been gunked up with mucus during the winter, and he isn't used to it being dry. He is back to his normal dosage of enzymes because since last Saturday, his stool continues to be watery. 

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