December 15, 2019


Azer finished his antibiotics, and it has been two weeks since he stopped his EES. He has had very little reflux since stopping the EES, so that's been a nice change.

Sunday was the first day Azer took Trikafta. He didn't see much change other than he felt like his mouth was full of spit. 

Day 2, he thinks his mucus might be a little more watery, but he says his mouth is coated in mucus/spit. He woke up without having a doubled over coughing fit for the first time in about a month. He started to feel dehydrated at baseball practice. He had a headache when he went to bed. 

Day 3, mouth still coated in spit, he feels like he doesn't have to work as hard to being mucus up. Everytime he coughs, he feels like some mucus comes up. He says his lungs feel agitated from nasal drainage today. His nose is running a lot. He said his mucus has been very clear. He says if he did a PFT today, it would be a really good number. Eating seems to be different for him. He says it's hard to eat quietly as his mouth is full of spit when he's eating. He also says his eyes feel weird, like they are wet. 

Day 4, Azer feels like "the Purge" has officially started. He is coughing constantly and it is sounding wet and congested. His nose is running constantly, and he was worried he was annoying people in school with his constant cough and sniffing. 

Day 5, woke up in the middle of the night coughing so hard he almost puked. He blew his nose and something black came out. Everything else has been pretty clear. He's had diarrhea for the last two days, but it seems like it's from a gastrointestinal virus. 

Day 6, he is coughing constantly, bringing mucus up every time. He is coughing so much and is very tired, he decided to stay home from school. He has a low grade fever and lower back pain. He said he's had numb finger tips off and on since yesterday and he feels weak. It seems like he is dehydrated and maybe low on potassium. He ate several baked potatoes and drank several bottles of Rehydrate and felt back to normal. 

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