August 23, 2019

Endocrine Appointment

Azer has been on antibiotics for about a week. A nurse popped her head in to ask him how he was feeling today. He feels better than he did last week. I wouldn't say he is back to sounding his normal best, as he is still coughing more than normal even though his culture came back with no Steno or Aspergillus, and just MSSA. His Pulmonologist thought it over and believes that since his new allergy shot, Dupixent, is helping to shrink his nasal polyps, that his sinuses are draining quite a bit and causing him to cough. She wants to treat his cough like a sinus infection, and continue the oral antibiotics, to make it a 21 day course.

It has been about a year since we've seen the Endocrinologist. She would like to see him every 4 months from now on. In the past year, he hasn't grown as much as she would expect. They ran some blood tests that will tell her if his growth hormone level is where it should be. She expects that it will need to be increased. She also ordered a bone age scan, to see how many years left he will probably grow. She mentioned he may have not grown that well this year based on how many times he has gotten sick and/or hospitalized.

He put on about a pound from last week. The Endocrinologist said today he weighed about the same as he did last year when she saw him.

We discussed the possibility of continuing growth hormones into adulthood for long term health and to also keep his muscle mass stable. She said when adults are deficient in growth hormones, they can have high cholesterol and other issues. We also discussed how high his glucose tests can be before it's time to start being concerned. His last OGGT was a bit higher than he normally is, but it isn't concerning at this point.

Azer also saw his PT today, who did sort of an out of the box test that is meant for athletes instead of CF patients. He did exceptionally well.

Azer was given tickets to one of the last Rangers game at the current stadium as a reward for helping out another CF kiddo at the hospital. He got to meet a former Rangers pitcher, Martin Perez, and watch his favorite Ranger, Josh Hamilton be inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame. He also watched Nelson Cruz hit at batting practice.

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