August 7, 2019

CF Clinic

Azer gained three pounds from last clinic visit. He really struggled and worked hard to get a good PFT today. It was a few points down from last month, and he was really frustrated about it. He has been running and feeling pretty good, but the high heat and humidity has been very rough on his allergies.

Last week, we received Duplixant, a new shot that helps treat the inflammation of asthma. The first dose is two shots, and the needle was intimidating looking, but he was brave and gave both to himself. He asked the doctor how soon he might see any improvements, as he still feels like he's having lung issues due to allergies. It may take a few more dosages, but he has already stopped having sinus headaches, which the doctor said by itself may be worth it. She listened to his lungs, and said that almost every year around this time, Azer's lungs sound wheezy, but that he sounded clear today. So, she thinks the shot may be helping already.

At last clinic, his culture came back clear of the Steno. If this one comes back with the Steno again, and he's not feeling that great, he will start the Ceftazadime again, and continue to cycle it every other month. Hopefully, his lungs will remain clear for the start of school!

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