June 5, 2019

Off of Droplet Caution

Azer has been on droplet precaution since he got admitted because he tested positive for parainfluenza last week. Due to this, he wasn't allowed to leave his room, because of the risk of spreading it to others. We requested a retest last night, and this morning the doctor said it was all negative. He is still on contact, because he cultured MRSA back in 2010, but at least he can walk around outside of his room now!

Azer feels like his cough is better than it was on the day he got admitted, but it's hard to say if it's better than yesterday. His ears don't feel blocked anymore. His mucus isn't streaked with blood and is a lighter color. 

If his PFTs are improving, then there is the possibility that we could go home and finish his IV course. 

An interesting thing I learned: Azer can't be on probiotics while he has a PICC line because there is a possibility of a rare infection occuring. 

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