June 17, 2019

Follow Up Admission CF Clinic

Azer has been working hard this week. To try to avoid his dressing coming off from sweating, he has been riding the exercise bike everyday instead of running. 

We did bend the rules a little bit. He actually rode his bike while hooked up to the medicine ball IV.
Medicine Infusion balls make IVs at home easier

Today marked one full week on home IV's and a complete 14 days on IV antibiotics. Azer ran this morning to help make his lungs as clear as possible. He was disappointed to see his numbers were lower than when he was discharged. He says his lungs feel completely clear. He sounds clearer than he has in a long time. The doctor said it was probably time for a good clear out of the two bacteria he normally cultures. She explained in a little more detail about the ABPA test and his high IGE. It is possible that he does have Aspergillus growing somewhere in his lungs. She said at his next CF appointment, if his PFT's continue to fall, we will start an antifungal medication. In the mean time, she will do some more research to see if an allergy shot specifically made to lower IGE levels will help him. 

The good news is he put on 5 more pounds since being discharged. He has been eating well lately. 

Both Azer and the doctor felt like he had gotten the full benefits from the two antibiotics he has gotten these past two weeks, so he was able to have his PICC line pulled today. He can stop the Reglan and go back to taking his EES and Probiotics! 

Summer can finally start for him now!

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