June 27, 2017


Ever since Azer was put on antibiotics a few weeks ago, his sense of smell started returning. We were recently on vacation and stopped doing the nasal rinses then. We noticed he was breathing better out of his nose. On the way back home, it was almost like telling a blind person what they see. He kept asking what he was smelling. It's very encouraging.
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So, we told the ENT doctor about what we haven't been doing. He said to keep not doing what we've been not doing. Lol.

Again, they squirted lidocain up his nose and waited a few minutes for it to work before looking up his nose. He drank some Gatorade after to get the taste out of his mouth.

The doctor still saw new polyps, but the inflammation was decreased, and he said it looked pretty good for a person with Cystic Fibrosis. 

After ENT, we had to go to labs again. On his blood work from CF Clinic, his IgE was elevated, and they wanted to make sure he hasn't developed ABPA again. However, his sputum culture showed Steno and Staph, so the antibiotics that he's been on have definitely helped this.

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