October 24, 2013

Tobi Podhaler

After waiting a few weeks to receive it, the Podhaler finally arrived.

It is quite odd sounding, I think, to inhale a powdered capsule, but that's what it is.

 It is not used with the nebulizer. It is inhaled with this plastic thingy.

 It took a few minutes to figure it out, with help from a video sent by our CF clinic, but it isn't too complicated.

Amazing that this little wonder just got approved by the FDA this year. It used to take about 45 minutes to inhale the traditional Tobi by nebulizer. Tack that onto a 30 minute Vest treatment and two other nebulized medications, do all this 2-3x a day and we don't have much "day" left to do other things. I'm grateful that we have this, since fall baseball is still in full swing, and we have tournaments coming up.

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