September 24, 2012

Admission... blah...

Well, it's been a few years since he's needed, what CFers call a tune-up. A tune-up is basically 10-14 days on strong IV antibiotics to clear out bacteria that is growing in the lungs. The antibiotics are too strong to be taken orally.

The last culture he had, he only grew Staph, which is easily controlled by general, broad spectrum antibiotics.  He has been on and off antibiotics over the past two months, and he would get better on them, but off them after a few weeks, his cough comes back.

This past week, his cough turned into a horrible hack. I didn't even want to go to church Sunday, because his hacking would have disturbed the service. It's crazy. He can play baseball right now. He can run miles right now. But yet, he has to be stuck to an IV, in a hospital, like a sick person. He doesn't look sick. He barely even sounds sick. But, yet, his lungs are sick. I still find it strange.

This morning he had a mild fever. I made a quick call to the doctor. By this evening, the doctor had made the  decision. It always feels like I'm sending him to jail. Thank God I don't have to do all this alone this time!!

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