June 12, 2012

Not So Great, CF Clinic Day

Well, Azer has been going up and up with his PFT's. Everytime we have gone to clinic, his functions have been rising, as had his weight.

And here's the scoop... he has lost 3 lbs, his oxygen was 95% (lower than usual), and his PFT's were 68% today. That's 68% down from 110% in February. Quite the dramatic drop. Azer started just bawling because he was afraid he was going to be admitted. On paper, all of this looks just terrifying. The doctor took one look at the numbers and said it is the classic sign of an infection.

Sometimes it's hard to know when to call the doctor.  One minute his cough may sound like he needs to be thrown into an ambulance, the next, he merely clears his throat, and he sounds fine.

Over the past month, his cough has been present, but I kept putting it off to allergies. It seems his cough has been becoming more frequent, but not productive.

The past few days, I noticed he sounded just awful in the morning, but it seemed to clear up as the day went on. Since school has been out, he rides his bike for several hours a day, goes swimming, and we have been still running as well.

So the plan is to obviously increase his breathing treatments, two weeks of oral antibiotics, and feed the kid. In two weeks, if nothing has improved, then we may face admission. He is quite relieved that he doesn't have to be in the hospital right now, as next week is the World Series tournament for his team.


Froggymama said...

Oh man. Thinking of you guys big time! Sending lots of love your way and hoping those PFT's skyrocket soon! xoxo

BG said...

So sorry to hear about your bummer day. Glad he is able to play baseball a bit longer, though. Thinking of ya'll!!