February 18, 2012

CF Clinic Day!

Yesterday was another great CF clinic day. Azer's FEV1 on his Pulmonary Function Test was 110%! Again, he has surpassed his best results ever. His last clinic day, he got 106%. I am floored.

He also gained 2 lbs and grew about a centimeter. The doctor was thrilled. His BMI is 60%. So, the fact that he is gaining weight while running is fantastic. His appetite has been pretty good, considering the way he has eaten in the past.

I was looking at our dailymile.com page, as I haven't gotten into the profile area for quite some time. Under "goals", I had put "To be able to run for 30 minutes straight with my son. Jogging to increase my son's lung functions!". Well, We have surpassed both goals, and I'm proud of myself and of Azer. I never thought it was possible to increase is lung functions by running, but, it works. It really does. I'm not saying that this solves the daily battle of Cystic Fibrosis. I'm trying to remain realistic about it, but I am stoked that we have increased his FEV1 from the mid 70's to over 100%.

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