May 24, 2011

Great CF Clinic!

Azer gained about a pound and he grew about 1/2 an inch! Best news of all, his PFT result was .... 91%! So, there is definite proof that all this running his helping his lungs! I was amazed at how deep of a breath he was able to take during the test. So, the proof is not only in the number, but in appearance as well.

The doctor seemed very impressed with how he looked, and recommended we continue all the exercise. We've been running 3 miles every other day, and Azer will lift 25 lbs on the arm machines in the gym.

Azer has been experiencing quite a bit of leg pain, mostly in the upper thigh to hip area, during exercise. He's fine when he's walking, but running for a while and playing baseball seems to trigger the pain. I had been giving him a lot of ibuprofen. Aleve seems to be working much better for him, as it allows him to exercise with almost no pain. Our CF doctor recommended we make an appointment with an orthopedist to rule out any problems, and make sure there are no problems that could get worse over time.

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