April 24, 2011

New G-button

At our last visit with the GI doctor, she mentioned Azer could get a flatter G-button. Azer has been excited about it ever since.  So, last week was the appointment to put it in. I could do it, but something about getting insurance to cover it, it had to be placed by the nurse the first time. When she pulled his Mic-key out, she said his stoma is one of the best she's ever seen.

It is an AMT Mini One button.

 It can use the same extensions as the popular Mic-key button.

I like the extensions that come with it though. The medication port usually pops open on it's own on the Mic-key extensions.

But, this has been made out of some thicker, stickier sort of silicone.

So, we don't need to tape that part like we usually do.

The button itself isn't as "tall" as the Mic-key, so it is flatter to his body. Nice that it doesn't stick out so much. It is also more flexible. The nurse mentioned that it is a little harder to get the extension in, but Azer doesn't have any trouble with it. This button sits "above" the skin like the Mic-key does, so it allows for air flow under the button, as well. The balloon that sits inside the stomach wall is shaped more oval, and is supposed to provide a better seal to minimize leaking. Another interesting thing is that you can adjust how much water is in the balloon based on comfort. Azer came home with 8 ml's of water in the balloon, but he said it "tickled". I think he could feel the balloon on the inside. I took out 2 ml's of water, and he said he couldn't feel it there anymore, so I guess we got it right.

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BG said...

This is great!! Congrats to you both! His g-tube looks good! I hope Bennett can have one when he gets older too! Yeah for no more tape!