March 20, 2011

Outrun CF 2011

For all you participating in the Great Strides walk on May 21st, that is different, so don't freak out and go, "Oh dear, I missed it."
"The Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife are joining forces to Out Run Cystic Fibrosis and you are invited to help! If you are not running the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon or 5K March 20 on Grosse Ile, MI but you still want run with us, this is YOUR race! On March 20 you will find a route or race by your house, lace up your joggers and hit the road in your Out Run CF shirt. You are doing this for yourself and you are doing this for the 70,000 people worldwide living with cystic fibrosis."

 Azer and I (and Reema on her bike) ran 5k this morning, and walked a few times in the middle, because his hip were aching. But we made it! I followed Azer the last half mile, and when we were getting close to the end, Azer started to run really fast. It totally felt like we crossed the finish line!

I hadn't received my "Outrun CF" shirt yet, because I signed up late. So we wore our "Joggers for Azer" t-shirts. On the back they say, "Cure Cystic Fibrosis". At the end of the run, a guy on a bike passed us and said, "I like what your shirts say. Thank you." I'm thinking he had some connection to CF.

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