March 4, 2011

Great Clinic Day!

We saw the GI doctor today. Azer hasn't vomited once since starting the Bethanechol which helps his stomach empty faster. It is a very gentle medicine, which seems to be perfect for Azer. His FEV1 was 83%! Which means his lung function went up 10% from two weeks ago.

The results from his allergy test seem to mean that he does have a moderate allergy to mold, but the GI doctor couldn't really answer many questions about it specifically, but from what I gathered, Azer may need more steroid type medications if he has a flare up. We will see the pulmunologist next month for more answers on that.

Azer also gained another pound in 2 weeks, making him 53 lbs. They were all very happy with how he looked. I'm so glad everything is working so far.

The doctor said his left ear still looked red inside, but it's not hurting him, so hopefully by the time the antibiotics are over, it will be cleared up!


BG said...

Yeah for a good clinic!! Hooray for an increased FEV and weight gain!! So glad Azer's medication is helping with the vomiting!! Today is a day to celebrate for Azer!!

MHughes said...

There's nothing like a great clinic day! So good to hear that Azer's vomiting is down and the meds are working. And hooray for increased PFTs!!