February 3, 2011

Junky Cough = More Treatments

He most definitly has a productive cough today. In other words, his cough is definitely junky today. Very wet and mucusy. The doctor wants to wait for antibiotics since Azer was just on them like last week.

So, we are being aggressive with treatments. I have added a few CPT sessions in between the vest treatments. I notice he coughs up mucus during CPT, and he really doesn't cough up nearly anything during the vest.

The Acapella worked very nicely this afternoon. Yeah, he's going out of the shot to spit out the mucus. Might be gross to some, but to me it's great to see it come out! He is doing albuterol along with the Acapella.

1 comment:

Lovin Lane said...

He is doing so good with that... Getting it out.... What a Big Kid he is :)