December 7, 2010

Doing Treatments

It's either sleep, the computer or a variety of video games to make the time pass.


Unknown said...

lol. Looks like he manages his free time well with treatments. I cannot wait for the time that I don't have to sit next to my 21 month old who is crying and trying to detach herself from the hose so she can play!!!!

Unknown said...

I am writing to you regarding the sternum-cartilage issue you asked me about. A few months ago I got an infection and there was lots of coughing (more than normal with my CF). I started to feel pain and strain in my sternum afterward. I talked to my CF doctor about it and he did an exam and said that I had an issue with my cartilage around my sternum. I applied heat to it and it got considerably better. I have noticed since this all started that it feels like my sternum is popping and causing some tightness in my chest. If I lay down on the floor and arch my back and wiggle a little bit it eventually it will pop or shift and the tightness gets better. Not sure I am helping this or hindering things.

One thing I should tell you is that I have the CF related arthritis is all of my joints. I am wondering if the arthritis has moved into my ribs.

The arthritis, popping and pain in all of my joints gets worse when I am fighting an infection. I am currently on Augmentin and some days the arthritis is better and I can move around a bit freer.

I hope this helps. I would talk to your CF doctor....I am finding out that CF affects my body in new and interesting ways .

Froggymama said...

Great pics. We just started doing computer games and that helps the time pass. It's hard when all they want to do is swing from trees and run around.