September 4, 2010

Cough... Tobi Again

So, remember how I said that at clinic on Tuesday, Azer had a bit of a wet cough? Well, yesterday, it scared me a bit because it just sounded terrible. Really junky sounding. I asked the school nurse to listen to him, and she said it sounded like he had good air exchange. I called the doctor, and I thought maybe they would bring him in to look at him, but the he realized that Azer had just started the oral antibiotics on Tuesday, and that it might take more time for them to take effect. His culture still hasn't come back yet as of yesterday. His doctor wanted Azer to start back on the Tobi again. The last time we tried Tobi, Azer had ringing in his ears, but that may have been from the IV tobramycin.

So, we did a Tobi last night, and no problems. Azer said the Tobi makes his mouth taste bad. I just hate it because it takes about 30 minutes to run it, which adds more time onto the treatment time that seems to just run forever sometimes.

I just heard of a new nebulizer called the Trio that can run Tobi in 2 minutes. Maybe I can ask the doctor about it at next visit. It looks like we have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get Azer's treatment done in time for school. Fun, fun, fun.

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Hunter's Mom said...

Sorry you guys are stuck with Tobi and the craziness it brings to life trying to work it into your schedule, with everything else you already do. Not cool. :(

Prayers that Azer will be back to his old routine soon *hugs*

ps - please tell what you find out about the 2 minute Tobi neb. (we haven't had to do tobi in long while, but i know it will eventually be back)