July 2, 2010


I think it's making him cough more than the vest does ... which is a good thing!


Froggymama said...

I'm finally getting caught up tonight on my favorite blogs! Great pictures. So glad the g-tube is going well and that's awesome he started acapella. I'll have to ask our Pulm. about it too.

Your kids are too cute.

Hunter's Mom said...

Your little guy is adorable! My son does the vest (but he doesn't like it & I don't see a change in his cough - frequency or ability to get stuff up). How does the acapella work and does your son mind it? Inquiring CF moms wanna know ;) lol

Lydia Russell said...

Hi Hunter's Mom.

Azer has never minded getting CPT, the Vest or any therapy. I still do CPT for a period of time everyday as I feel like the Vest doesn't effectively remove mucus from his chest. The Acapella works by PEP ... using positive pressure on the inside of the lungs, to hopefully force airways open, so that air can get under the mucus. It feels like a vibration on the inside of your lungs (my daughter says it sounds like a horse). It can be used with or without the nebulizer. I've been using with Albuterol, hoping that the Albuterol can get deeper in his lungs while he uses it. I have noticed he coughs more while using the Acapella which is a good thing!