June 3, 2010

Things are getting much better

He still has some pain when walking, but he is able to sit in the bed without leaning against the bed. He is sitting straight up and using abdominal muscles. He is also going to the bathroom on his own.

He had pedialyte through his G-tube for a few hours and everything went in fine. He also got his first meal. He ate half a taco on his own, which is pretty good.

He is still taking the old enzymes, Pancrecarb for now. They might be starting the new enzymes tomorrow. They need make sure he is tolerating the enzymes and not vomiting with them before they send him home. So please pray that they can figure his enzymes out.

Here is a picture of his Mic-key button.

There is gauze on the side of it to make sure it doesn't rotate. The gauze can come off in a week. There is no bleeding or leaking so far.

The other white strip on the lower area is over his belly button. It is like a really strong bandaid, replacing the need for stitches. That was where they inserted the camera.

As you can see in the video ... he's doing really well for just having surgery yesterday. :)

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