May 31, 2010

No Vomiting

Well, Azer still has not been having any vomiting. Today the CF doctor came in and talked more about possible SMA syndrome. Then, the GI doctors came in a few times and their theory is that it's possibly enzyme intolerance. So, we'll find out tomorrow who is right. Tomorrow they are doing a GI-study. He will drink some liquid containing calcium, and then he will go to radiology throughout the day so they can see how things are moving through his GI system.

It looks like Azer may possibly be getting the G-tube on Wednesday. The GI doctors seem to be ready to get that ball rolling, so we'll see what happens. Regardless of whether Azer gets the G-tube or not, we still need to find some enzymes that will work for him. He is still taking Pancrecarb, and the supply will not last forever, so hopefully they can find an enzyme that will not cause vomiting in him. Darn FDA...

Azer has been saying he's hungry today, but hasn't eaten much during meals. We have not been giving him any milkshakes, or Scandishakes, and have been letting him eat as he feels. No pressure. I guess that's how it should be. A Child Life specialist came in and brought a doll and talked about the G-tube with him so he could understand it. He got to touch and feel the tube and the button, and different catheters. She was very honest and down to his level, and told him that yes, it will be sore for a few days, but that in the long run, this will be a great thing for him. So, it sounds like after he gets the G-tube, he'll have to stay out of the pool for a few weeks, but after, he should be able to play ball and go swimming, and be a kid again.

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