May 30, 2010

In the hospital

Well, Azer woke up this morning needing to throw up. He threw up, and dry heaved for about a half an hour. He drank some water after, but he threw that up immediately. So, after that he seemed
fine, so I gave him a milkshake to see how that went. He threw that up within minutes. So, I knew he was probably not going to get to play his tournament. I called the CF doctor, and she said to bring him in. So we are in the ER department right now. We might be looking at admission, so Reema is staying with friends for now.

Azer's stool this morning looked pale-ish and floated, which happens a lot on Pancrecarb. I was expecting to see his vomiting getting better. Azer is pretty angry that he couldn't play his baseball game today.

I'm hoping this time we can go ahead and get the G-tube put in. Since he has started the zenpep, his appetite is nearly non-existant. It's been a huge struggle to get him to eat. Last week in the ER he was around 21 kilos, at pediatrians he was 20 kilos. Today when they weighed him, he is 19.8 kilos. It is scary to see the weight drop like that. I mean, we have all worked so hard on keepin his weight up, and he had gained pretty good weight on these Scandishakes and milkshakes. It's almost like all that progress is gone.

Well, I'll post later when I find out results of the blood test and x-Ray. He is on iv fluids right now. Send good thoughts our way!

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