May 21, 2010


Yesterday evening, after the game, Azer's fever started to spike up to 104. He vomited later on in the evening, and his headache was pretty painful. I gave him another dose of Motrin, and then we decided to take him to the ER. We were there until 6:30 in the morning, he threw up a few times there as well, and seemed to be having trouble trying to keep liquids and tylenol down. They swabbed him to test for strep, and it was negative. The video is of Azer getting swabbed.
Eventually, his stomach settled, and they sent us home with some prescriptions. They don't really know exactly why he has a fever and is ill. One prescription for nausea, and another prescription for Cipro. He's never been on that one before. I had a hard time finding a pharmacy that would fill the prescription because it seems most pharmacies don't carry Cipro. I finally got the prescription filled a few hours ago. I was reading the bottle and it says not to give within 6 hours of an antacid, which he is currently taking. The pharmacist says to space the meds, but I'm not sure how to space it so he can eat at a normal time. *sigh*

I hate cleaning up vomit. Really. I guess I'm just really grossed out by it. Other people just clean it up, and I practically stand there waving my arms in the air as the child vomits.

Ok. I need to eat something, and sleep.

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