September 17, 2009

Another Clinic Visit & School Children!

Azer had a CF visit in the middle of a school day (that was fun.) Both Azer and Reema missed almost the whole day. I took Reema out of school expecting the hospital to have the flu shot in, but they hadn't received them yet. So ... no flu shots yet. We are scheduled to get them next week. I've been nervous about the flu and the swine flu scares, especially now that they are in school. Obviously I can't keep Azer in a bubble. I don't think he'd like that. He doesn't look like the "live in a bubble" type child... right?

On the news there is a story about a girl somewhere in North Texas that died from the swine flu within a few days. That is very frightening.

Anyway ... the updates of Azer: His lungs are the same, clear and pretty much healthy. His weight, they say he didn't gain any. I didn't get my usual print out of his weight and height, as the whole clinic was in a chaos putting medical records into a new computer system.

School has been going well for them. Everyday they come home with new knowledge, and I am impressed with how much they have learned in less than month. Kindergarten is very intense, though. They are learning so many things, even so early on in the year, that I didn't learn until second grade, if that. It's both amazing and shocking, in my opinion.


Katey said...

Glad Azer's appointment went well!!! And glad that both kids are enjoying school! It's amazing at what kids start learning in kindergarden!

Lydia Russell said...

:) Way amazing.