November 10, 2011

CF Clinic... and Awesome PFT's!

So ... Azer gained a pound. He is kind of leveling out on the growth chart. He had been closer to the 50th percentile during the summer. He is around the mid 30's in weight. The doctor isn't really concerned at this point, since he is height and weight proportionate. She noticed that his slower weight gain might have something to do with our running, but she said the last thing she wants is for us to stop running.

And here is why: his best result from today's PFT was 106% FEV1. Heck, yeah! He has never scored 100% on a PFT. So the doctor said, for a normal child with no CF, he scored above average. I almost cannot believe that at the beginning of this year, he was hovering in the mid 70's and only got higher than that after a week of antibiotics. And here we are, nothing changed... cold and flu season, and he scored 106%.

So the plan of action? Keep running.

Next month, we will have officially been running for a year. It was around March where we finally built ourselves up to the point where he and I could run for 30 minutes straight without taking walking breaks.

Since it's been a while since I've talked about it, we started running using this plan.
It was Ronnie Sharpe that originally had encouraged me to start getting Azer to kick up the exercise a notch. I definitely feel like we are more in control of CF right now. So, thank God for His wisdom and guiding me in this CF journey!